Monday, August 19, 2013

Why is weight loss important?

It is ironic how in today’s day and age of awareness, with improved health and fitness facilities, more than one third of America is obese, and the other third is considered to be overweight. It is unfortunate how only 30% of the US population can be considered to be at a healthy weight to height ratio, and being overweight is beginning to be considered the norm now.

The problems associated with obesity:
It is important to find a solution and encourage weight loss, because being overweight can lead to many health issues in the long run. Being obese or overweight leads to heart problems, lung problems, back problems and severe headaches and many other diseases. The interesting part of this entire scenario is that being obese not only causes constant pain and discomfort, it might even turn out to be fatal and claim your life.

The relationship between obesity and productivity:
Another extremely important reason which should push each and every individual to obtain a proper diet plan or pursue other methods of losing their weight is the self-esteem factor. When one is obese or overweight, he is too consumed with his appearance and the way people perceive him rather than the job in hand and this in turn, hinders his performance. Being in shape and having a healthy body actually allows one to feel confident about him and give his best throughout the day in the various fields of life.

Which methods to adopt for weight loss then?
A healthy and effective approach is what is missing because the desperate need for weight loss has caused hundreds of fad diets and pseudo-weight loss pills. Most of these products are scams to mint money out of people and adverts try to coerce people.

Unfortunately, there is no pill that you can pop which can lead to a magical change in the body. Weight loss is a process that takes dedication, patience, and hard work. The most conventional solution for obesity is a diet that restricts calories and eliminates fat. Incorporating exercise with this would lead to maximum results because reducing calories in the diet and then burning calories will evidently lead to weight loss, simple science.

It may be hard at first, and it may be difficult to stick to the plan, but once the results are evident, then the level of dedication increases automatically. Hence, one should firstly devise a diet and exercise plan which can easily be undergone, followed by inputting determination and dedication.

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