Monday, August 19, 2013

Watch your diet like a hawk!

Obesity is one of the personal problems that are being faced by individuals in the current era. One doesn’t have to be conscious of what he eats or what he doesn’t eat only when losing weight. It is important for people who seek to live a healthy life, to watch their diet, and ensure that the food they are consuming is not fattening or harmful in the long run. Some food items taste delicious but are definitely not good for the human body.

What should I consider the most for weight loss?

The objective here is not to convince readers to switch to green sources of nutrition, but in fact to inform them regarding the disadvantages of preferring taste over health. One should make it a habit to research on all forms of food before adding them to his daily diet. A total ban of the harmful sources of food from one’s nutrition intake is not being enforced here, these foods may be consumed but it should be ensured that they are consumed occasionally and not on a regular basis. An interesting discovery to be noted here is that despite the health awareness prevailing in the society, some of the most highly consumed foods these days are also believed to be the most dangerous:

The role of sugar and fructose:

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are two evil elements that disguise themselves as scrumptious delicacies but have the worst effects on the body. They are highly addictive and very fattening.  They are also one of the major causes for the weight loss prevention disease called metabolic syndrome.

The role of gluten grains and omega 6:

Then there are gluten grains, a protein that is found in spelt, rye, barley, and wheat and leads to many health problems. Seed oils and vegetable oils such as corn oil and soy bean contain fats like omega-6 which are also not beneficial for the body.
    One’s diet should be free of trans-fats, which are found in processed foods. Trans-fat is harmful for the human body. One should switch to a healthier alternative if possible.

Artificial versus natural sugar:

Even though, artificial sweeteners are calorie free, they are ironically associated with weight loss in a negative way and can cause the metabolic syndrome. Having natural sugar in a limited quantity is not harmful in any way.

If ascertain that one’s diet has the minimal amount of these items or ideally, none at all, then a healthy and active life style is almost a given.

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